Michael Dillon - Blacksmith

MICHAEL DILLON owns and operates a blacksmith shop named “Dillon Forge,” just south of Historic Roswell, in Crabapple. His artisanal work incorporates both form and function: ironwork such as entry gates, andirons, chandeliers, vessels and staircase railings.

He typically utilizes iron to create sculptures and architectural ironwork, both residential and commercial; however, he is greatly experienced with other types of metal such as bronze, aluminum, stainless steel and stone.

"Heating metal red hot allows me to control the material in its briefly malleable state to create fluid and graceful structures,” Dillon says. In the past, he has been commissioned to design memorial sculpture at Hospice Atlanta and monuments at the Arthur M. Blank Foundation staircase, as well as others in metropolitan North Carolina and Tennessee.

Dillon is renowned for the profound effort he puts into each piece, utilizing a strict yet free-flowing creative process and working thoroughly with clients to ensure their satisfaction with his next-level, fine art craftsmanship--designed to last well beyond a lifetime. www.dillonforge.com