Lance McRorie - Flame Tree Glass


LANCE MCRORIE is a professional glass artist who is passionate about creating beautiful works of glass art and adept at many facets of lampworking, such as sculpting, marbles, pendants, murinni and his favorite area of expression, hollow forms. Glass provides an outlet for his artistic ideas as well as a zen-like refuge. Inspired by nature and the patterns and forms he sees in the sea, the sky and the earth, his creative ideas come from anywhere, including books, movies, video games, people, animals, cars and planes. He likes playing with motion, lines and movement, creating path for a viewer’s eyes to follow.  Fantasy characters and animals are often a sculptural subject you can see in his work.  Stemware and goblets (great for weddings!) are one of his many specialties.  Lance has been flameworking with his wife Maureen since 1999, and they own FlameTree Glass at 470 S. Atlanta St. Lance is the primary instructor, teaching lampwork classes from beginner to advanced techniques.